To be honest, I hope you’ve had lunch before you read this.

And hopefully it wasn’t one of these…


I came across an article that shows what a big mac does to you within an hour of eating.

Makes for interesting reading.

Especially if you don’t mind one of these every now and then,

and especially so if you need 10 minutes to yourself and let the kids run amok in the playground.

To be honest, I haven’t had one of these in years.

I don’t say that to brag.

There’s enough things in my life that are my kryptonite.

Namely hot chips and pizza.

Not to mention rum or red wine.


So I’m not sitting here on my high horse judging you.

But it makes for interesting reading:

* First 10 mins: Your brain loves it. You feel good.

* 20-30 mins: you start craving more thanks to the high levels of salt and other processed crap. And at the same time you start getting dehydrated cause of the high salt and crave something like a McFlurry or Apple Pie to ‘hit the spot’

* 40 mins: You’re still hungry, well still craving same type of food to be honest

* 50-60 mins: slow digestion begins.

According to the researchers here a big mac can take in excess of the 24-72 hours it normally takes us to digest normal food cause of all the trans fats and the like.


Now I’ll add in a disclaimer here.

I’d say it covers pretty much every bit of fast food.

Not just Maccas.

But it makes for interesting reading don’t you think?

Need help getting off on the right foot and getting on top of your eating so when you have these types of foods it isn’t going to stop you losing weight?

In fact, it just might help when you learn the right way to plan your ‘cheat meals’.

You know what to do.

Hit reply and lets see what we can get happening.


I’ve got a couple of spots free in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning small group sessions that you might be interested in…



PS – wanna see the article yourself? go here


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