I heard an interesting take last week on a podcast I was listening to.

The guy was Scott Van Pelt, who’s a host of Sports Center on ESPN, and he made a very cool point.

Buy the house.

In other words, back yourself.

He relayed a story back when he first started at ESPN how he only rented a house where they filmed it because he didn’t think he’d be there for long.
Basically he doubted his own ability.

A bit of imposter syndrome if you will, that we’ve spoken about before.

Anyways, his tip to people listening was to go all in and back yourself – buy the house so to speak.

By doing that you’re committing yourself to making it work.

Now while you don’t have to go and pay Sydney prices for a house exactly, it is more about fully buying in to what you want to achieve with your health and fitness goals.

The first step is by turning up and doing what you said you would do with your DPM sessions.

The next step is obviously following through with that week in and week out.

Add another step if you’re really working towards something, that means eating what you should be doing and not over extending yourself on the food or drink side of things.

And if you need help with that confidence and self believe side of things, well that’s what I’m here for.

The good news is this whole fitness thing isn’t as complicated as some people try and make it out to be.

Turn up and do the work and you’ll be well on track.

And of course, if you need some extra direction, then make sure you reach out.

Hopefully this little line is the little motivation pump up that you might need to start your week off.



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