WANTED: 20 Busy Mum Volunteers Who Want To Lose Those Stubborn Kgs Without Having To Endure Soul Crushing Diets Or Vomit Inducing Workouts

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Over the next 4 weeks I'm taking 20 busy mums determined to lose those stubborn kilos through my new online coaching program designed especially for busy mums like you (starts Monday May 1)

And I want to have you as part of our test group. Interested?

This is what you'll soon have FREE access to:

(NOTE: You will have to invest a $97 FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit)

  • The renowned DPM 'Get Lean Blueprint' where you'll discover how to drop the last stubborn kilos in a safe, effective way without starving yourself or the need for crazy, expensive supplements
  • A special "follow-along-at-home" workout program complete with video instructions that maximises your results in only 20 minutes, 3 times a week
  • Unlimited access to me via email to answer your questions as you go
 to ensure you are on the right track
  • A private Facebook group that provides the accountability to ensure your success so that you can ask your questions, get support and encouragement and share your victories and even struggles with the other 9 mums in the program
  • Food diary reviews, and coaching so that you get on top of the eating part of your transformation
  • The DPM Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook
 which gives you meals, snacks and desserts that take less than 20 minutes and actually taste great so that you're never bored eating 'healthy' again
  • Weekly email Monday Check Ins with a new mission to follow and a Friday reminder each week to ensure you're on track
  • But most importantly, the complete game plan plan that tells you what to eat and when to help the next 4 weeks really be life changing for you

See What These Happy Mums Have To Say About Their Own DPM Busy Mums Transformation Experience

More Great Feedback From Happy Mums On Their Own DPM Busy Mums Transformation Experience

  • “I found the food really filling and really good. The recipes were yummy. All the kids and my husband, I’ve got 4 little boys, all enjoyed the meals and they’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked basically”
  • “Going into this, I’ve tried every program there is to try and I was a little bit doubtful that I’d stick to this one.. but It’s something that’s easy to stick to”
  • “The exercise regime, which I needed, is super quick, so easy to do. I love it, it’s great!”
  • “I was constantly feeling bloated and lethargic and now, honestly, I haven’t felt that feeling for ages”
  • “My clothes are loose on me, my muffin top isn’t as big”
  • I was looking for something that was quick, that I’d be able to maintain my busy life and work schedule. I found the plan really easy to follow even if I was out and about and the exercises were fantastic for doing just quickly after work
  • “I wouldn't really call it a diet, because the food was really good. It taught you about what you were putting into your body”
  • “My cravings disappeared which was fantastic because that made it much easier to stay on the program”
  • “It’s definitely changed a lot of things for me in the last month. I’ve lost 9kg. My bloating’s much, much better. My skin’s much better”
  • “The whole process has been excellent. I’ve come out like a new woman... But it’s my mindset and how I feel now. I feel really good about myself. I feel better, my skin’s better, my hair’s better. My clothes are fitting. I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”
  • “I’ve ate more on this diet than what I’d eat in a normal day. It’s not low calorie food, it’s just wholesome, good food”

You get all of this for a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of $97 paid via secure Paypal link.

You'll get this deposit back at the end of the 4 weeks once you've completed every simple step each week.

This includes providing before & after photos plus a short video plus a written testimonial sharing your experience.


If that sounds like too much hard work then it definitely ISN'T the program for you.

WARNING: Those looking for a quick fix without putting in the work and following the program as designed please don't apply as this isn’t for you.

However, if you’re desperate for a change, and ready to put aside any preconceived ideas you may already have about exercise and eating, this could well be exactly what you are crying out for.

So if it sounds all good, just enter your email either in the box at the top of this page or the one below and your application form to determine whether you're one of the 20 busy mums that I'm looking for

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Enter Your Email For Your Application To See Whether You’re The Right Busy Mum For The Program

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