You honestly can’t make this stuff up! And if you can, your imagination is better than mine.

Or maybe we can put it down to another dose of instant karma.

And of course this story that I heard last week comes from America. This time in Phoenix. Where else are you going to see this sort of thing happen…

There was some goose who was wearing his security guard uniform, and had dressed his car up to look like an undercover cops car – complete with flashing lights, siren, gun, pepper spray and he’d even got himself a scanner and some handcuffs to try and look the part.

Side note: I wonder if they were the fluffy handcuffs you can buy in some adult shops (allegedly)

The scary thing of course, apart from him trying to do whatever with randoms that he’s pulled over is the fact that this clown can legally own a gun, but that’s not the point here.

The story got interesting when he tried to pull over some REAL undercover cops!

I would love to have been a fly on the wall to see how that conversation went down when the tables were turned and the real cops actually pulled him over.

That would be worth the price of admission alone.

Anyways, this clown got rightfully arrested for impersonating a cop.

So what’s the lesson? 

Well apart from the don’t impersonate a police officer lesson. That’s kinda obvious.

The real lesson I think here is to always be real.

The old ‘fake it to you make it’ saying doesn’t always cut it.

Cause eventually if you’re always wearing a mask, you’re going to get caught out.

Maybe not by the real cops like this guy, but people will see through you.

And that’s something I try and live by at DPM.

I don’t pretend to live the perfect life and eat 100% all the time.

I don’t pretend that I’m not paying for past sins with the way my body is now.

I don’t pretend to not have struggles of my own at times.

Besides that would be pretty boring right?

Anyways, you’d realise I was full of it if as soon as you saw my instagram feed that I use as a reference for wines and whisky that hits the spot so I know for next time,

Or saw me out lunch somewhere eating a burger and chips or the local pizza shop.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

You’d know that I am actually someone you can relate to, and gets where you’re at at this point in your life

– not someone who posts shirtless selfies and #fitspo stories all over social media.

And if you’re thinking that’s not what I want from my trainer, then you’d be a terrible fit for what DPM is about.

The old adage is that I only train and work with people who I’d either willingly sit down for a coffee or a drink with. And that is something that has held up well over the last few years.

Sure, it means a smaller group of people sometimes.

But a group that actually enjoys each others company – all you have to do is look at our DPM Christmas drinks for proof of that.

Not a group of wanna be’s who are only trying to inflate their self importance.

That’s the way it should be that’s for certain.


PS – if you missed my post yesterday on the availabilities on offer for either the DPM small group or even some one-on-one personal training sessions and you’re interested, just hit reply and I’ll flick them through to you and we can talk further