tter what side of the fence you sit on regarding climate change, surely we can all agree that planting more trees in the world can’t be a bad thing?

We’re all good with that yeah?

After all, more trees means more CO2 being sucked out of the atmosphere and more oxygen pumped back out.

Hardly a bad thing.

Well there’s something that crossed my timeline last week about a new challenge ‘Train For Trees’ where a fitness app is running a 1 week challenge – this week to be exact – where they will plant one tree for every 2000 calories burned by people who participate in it.

Kinda cool idea don’t you think?

They want to plant a maximum of 3000 trees which means people who join in need to burn 6 million calories.

That’s a fair whack.

This is all part of a challenge where a YouTuber agreed to a challenge in October to raise $20 million so they could plant 20 million trees by the end of the year.

He’s at $16 million already so he’s a real chance and even if he doesn’t make it at lest he’s having a crack.

The campaign got a bit of publicity when Elon Musk threw some coin behind it and has grown from there (no pun intended).

If you’re interested in joining in, you’ll need a fit bit or the like and you can find out more info here



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