There was a request last week from a DPMer to get another bone broth order happening.

So if this grabs your interest, please let me know your preference and how many of them ASAP.

If you haven’t tried this stuff before, maybe you’re curious to check it out?

I’ve tried a couple of different products over the years.

Started off by making my own.

It’s relatively easy to do, just time consuming.

I’ve also tried another brand which was a great product, just bland.

The brand I use and recommend now is Meadow and Marrow a Gold Coast based company.

The Burn flavour is my favourite.

But that’s a personal preference and if you like a bit of spice you might agree.

The product is high quality and the customer service from their team, and their delivery speed is awesome.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

If you’ve ordered before, the price is the same.

If you haven’t, ignore the price on the website and I’ll hook you up with the DPM discount.

Just ask me how much as I don’t want to put it on here.

As for what it does?

Well, general gut health for one.

Two, it also has been proven to help with joint health and skin health too.

I no longer take glucosamine for my knees since I’ve started using broth each morning on my drive to work and there has been no drop off in my knees getting worse.

So if it’s something that interests you, check out their site and let me know if you want to be included in this order.

I’ll be looking to order in the next couple of days.



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