For meat eaters this new research that I’m about to share with you could potentially bring a tear to a glass eye.

This research that was just published last week found that ALL meat – not just red meat and processed meat (like bacon etc) can potentially lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

While fish gets off scot free.

At least that’s one thing.

You can still have a bit of salmon or fish.

But the old thinking that it was just to go easy on red meat has been blown out of the water here.

And you may be skeptical, but this was the exact same advice I was given when I visited the cardiologist 3 weeks ago.

I’m assuming he was quoting from this very same study cause those were his exact words too.

Like I mentioned previously, this is something I have to pay a bit more attention to considering the results of my recent tests and my family history.

In the past I would’ve laughed it off and said whatever.

But since my appointment we’ve lowered our intake of meat and adding in more fish/salmon/tuna and other non meat dinner options.

It’s not all bad.

At least they didn’t tell me about alcohol…

It is what it is, and something I have to do if I want to see my kids grow up so I can’t complain cause we got on top of it early before it became a problem.

Once again, if you have a family history, I’d encourage you to explore your options and look into following these recommendations too.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? The research in a few years proves to be a load of rubbish while no real harm done to you.

The best thing if you eat a little bit less meat and potentially live a little bit longer to see the kids grow up.

I know what I’ll run with.



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