If you’ve been following these emails for a while,

you may remember me mentioning not too long ago how I wanted to cut down on my coke intake.

Especially after the Christmas break when I had too much more than I really should have.

So it was time to cut down.

And I’m happy to say that it’s going pretty good.

I think since then I’ve had 2 cokes in total. And one bundy and coke.

Not bad considering I was having a coke or two a week max.

Sure, not excessive by any means as such, but not ideal considering the amount of food and drink I was putting away over that time too!

But it was something I was still conscious of and wanted to change.

On a side note, I think the bundy and coke is starting to become a bit too sweet for me since I switched last year to just drinking whisky straight and stopped the rum and mixers 

(considering I used to love it that is a big change).

Guess it just goes to continue to show that once you stop having something all the time your taste buds can change and when you go back and have it, it doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as what you remembered it to be.

Mars Bars & Red Rooster strip subs were the same for me years ago (not together of course!).

Used to love them both.

Last time I had them a long time ago it just left me with a “is that all?” feeling.

So I stopped.

Anyways, all of this leads me to an article I found that you may find of interest if you are looking to either cut down or quit your soft drink intake.

Now take this for what it’s worth for you, but these are some of the tips that were mentioned:

* Switch to tea instead when you would normally have one

* Have a drink with bubbles like sparkling water when you’ve got a craving. Add some mint or lemon or whatever to add to the flavour

* Know the craving will pass (easier said then done right?)

* Think of the cash you save by not buying them

Me personally? I just decided to cut down big time.

Cause it wasn’t an everyday thing I found it easier than for me to give up coffee (which I don’t plan to do by the way).

You may find these helpful or maybe not.

Is there something that’s worked for you to break a habit?

Let me know your trick.

By the way, if you’re looking to get rid of a habit then the DPM food plan is very user friendly and easy to follow.

Complete with recipe ideas and craving killer ideas too.

If you’re interested in finding out more let me know and I’ll shout you 2 weeks on the house to try it for yourself before you have to commit any further.


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