Do you ever think that rules are for fools?

Or maybe just back when you were wild and carefree without a thousand responsibilities in the world?

Well maybe not some rules.

There’s some rules that should be a given.

Like there should be a 3 day long weekend once a month to recharge your batteries.

Pretty nice to have one yesterday right?

The thing I’ve realised over the last almost 2.5 years of being a Dad is that kids are the best lesson teachers of all.

Ask a kid not to do something and chances are they’ll look at you with a smile on their face and do the exact thing you’ve asked them not too.

They’re clever buggers.

They live by their own rule book.

They want to do something they do it.

They don’t usually ask for permission.

And if you ask them not to touch something or do something

– well you know what they’re going to do.

So today I’m suggesting maybe we should say stuff it and break the rules.

Well some rules.

Not talking about driving 150 on the freeway police catch me if you can style.

But more the traditional ‘rules’ of dieting and weight loss.

Rules say we shouldn’t train consecutive days in a row

– well if they’re the only days in your week that you can train

then stuff the rules.

Rules say you shouldn’t drink when you want to lose weight.

Might be okay if you’re living in a convent but really – c’mon.

Yes you can lose weight and drink those wines.

Rules say you should eat 6 serves of grains a day to be ‘healthy’.

I call bullshit on that one.

I say you’d be healthier without them.

Just don’t tell the macros people or the nutritionists about that they’ll have my head!

Surely you get the point right?

Just because somethings always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it has to be still done that way.

I’d have you consider the current theories that we’re all supposed to follow are broken.

Break the rules and watch things change.

And when it comes to training, the way things are done at DPM is a little different to what most PT’s do.

That’s why it works.

And if you’re looking to shift those stubborn 5-10kg,

I’ve got some personal training positions available that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

And I’ve even organised to give you more options to fit your busy schedule:

* Tuesday 11:30am

* Tuesday and Thursday 12:15pm

* Wednesday and Friday 11:30

* Wednesday and Friday 12:15pm

All sessions are 30 mins duration and you’ll get more done than most people get done in an hour. 

Drop me a line if you’ve got any questions or if you’re interested, or click the link below for more info


How bout it?



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