Some new research that I found last week could be a game breaker when it comes to people struggling with food temptations.

We both know that you can train your brain for pretty much anything, after all, that’s the whole concept of your 13 years of school. 

Train your brain to understand whatever concept you’re being taught at that particular time.

Some of that we retain all these years later, and of course the needless stuff gets lost in the culling of useless brain cells.

I actually find the whole learning to read thing pretty amazing. 

Watching Emily do it this year for the first time, where it’s just like one day the penny drops and it’s like a light goes on and all this mumbo jumbo on a page starts to make sense.

That must be a cool concept when a kid was just seeing meaningless jibberish on a page all of a sudden actually form into words that they can understand.

That’s brain training in action right there.

So if we can train our brain how to read, then it makes sense that we can train it how to resist temptation.

So theorised a study at Cardiff University. One of the professors believes that a few moments each day (as little as 10 minutes a week) can be enough to change long established habits.

This was done via a game on an app where you push a button in response to a healthy food, and do nothing when it’s an unhealthy food.

Once again, this all sounds like that reading eggs app that Emily uses.

So if it can work for kids in that sense, why not us in the re-training new healthier habits?

One of the findings was “Smartphones are the most promising way to deliver boosting interventions for encouraging healthy eating because most adults have a smartphone and they can be used during times when we all have a few minutes to spare, such as on the commute to work.”

Fair enough and just like I mentioned the other week, they can be both a good and a bad thing so why not use it for good in this instance if you’re going to be on it anyways.

Hopefully this study gets rolled out further and becomes a bigger thing, cause I can see it having a positive effect.

How about you?


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