How’s your stress levels going at the moment, seeing as we’re in the umpteenth week of lockdown?

The good news is at least the end is finally in sight.

If you are struggling right now, this might hopefully help.

There was an interesting article on the Forbes website recently that caught my eye “How to destress in 5 minutes according to a Navy SEAL”.

One of the tactics used was called box breathing.

Basically it involves breathing in for 4 seconds through your nose. Holding your breath for 4 seconds.

Exhaling through your nose for 4 seconds and once again resting for 4 seconds.

The reason they recommend breathing through your nose is because it uses your diaphragm to help you breathe.

Basically, helping your breath go deeper into your lungs.

Meaning it is more effective to make it even more simple.

They call it box breathing cause the 4 seconds of each component are meant to be even like a box with equal sides.

And the goal is to try it for 5 minutes.

If that’s not for you, there’s plenty of other things that you can try that might help unwind you.

I’ve been using the Insight Timer app lately and aiming to do a breathing practice once a day. These go from anywhere between 3 and 11 minutes depending on how much time I’ve got.

The main thing is to find something that’ll work for you, but hopefully these give you some ideas


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