After the leaderboard update on Friday for our little DPM Winter Olympics challenge did you get your thinking hat on for who you can invite along to check us out?

So you can score those sought after bonus points?

Winter can often be a harder sell for people but I’d have you consider that it’s actually the perfect time to get started with a new routine, or shake up a stale routine that has stopped producing results.

The days are slowly starting to get a bit longer, the sun is coming up that little bit earlier than it was a week or two ago and we’re coming into the back end of winter.

Meaning that by spring time you’re already into the groove.

Which means that if you can train now at this time of year, you can train at any time of year cause you’ve already done the hard bit when it’s nice and warm in bed.

I’d actually argue that it’s a great time because chances are you’ve actually had a better chance at a good nights sleep cause it isn’t hot and sticky meaning you’re up half the night tossing and turning.

The cooler weather normally means better sleep for most people so you’re in the perfect position to miss giving the snooze button a nudge cause you’re already well rested.

So hopefully you can use that little bit of info in your arsenal to help encourage someone to come along and join you.

Remember you get an extra 5 bonus points in addition to your regular session attendance point up until August 31.

That’s a nice way to boost your rankings in the gold medal push.

Once you’ve got someone in mind, you can either reply to this and let me know their details and when they’re going to be joining you.

Or if they’d prefer me to reach out to them and have a chat, I’m happy to do that.

They can fill in their details here at the bottom of this page.

And a reminder of the prizes for the winners of the gold, silver and bronze?

Gold Medal: A DPM Hoodie in the size of your choice and a $50 Rebel Voucher to put towards some training gear

Silver Medal: A DPM T-shirt in your sizing of choice and a $30 Rebel Gift voucher to put towards some training gear

Bronze Medal: A DPM T-shirt in your sizing of choice

And each session you attend gets you one point with a bonus 5 for a friend who comes and checks us out for 2 weeks, then if they join after that you get another bonus 5 points.

End result is these bonus points count!

So go through your address book, your linked in contacts, your facebook friends, your work friends and I’d suggest having a list of 5 you can ask.

Chances are you won’t hit a 100% strike rate but if you can get 1 in 5 that’s pretty cool.

So you know what to do now, if you’ve got any questions, let me know.



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