With the weather starting to cool down, people find themselves being more open to the idea of adding some bone broth to their diet.

So if this is your thing, I’m putting the call out for another order run.

Do you need a top up with your stock?

I’ve been asked about placing another order, and my stock is low myself, so it’s perfect timing.

If you’ve heard a little bit about it and haven’t tried it before, there’s plenty of benefits to adding it to your diet.

Some of the reported benefits include better skin, joint health, reduced inflammation and of course better overall gut health.

The company I use is Gevity RX – they used to be called Meadow & Marrow, so it’s the same stuff as I’ve been ordering for years, just with a different name.

If you’re interested, you can see the available flavours here.

The most popular one by far, with DPMers and overall according to my old contact there, is the Burn flavour.

Just don’t order online – and ignore the pricing cause I use my wholesale discount so we both can benefit.

I don’t see the point of adding a few bucks on my end, I’d rather pass the discount onto you and pass on at cost price.

So with all that in mind, if you are interested, please let me know by the end of the week and I’ll put an order in.

Pricing will be the same as always, and if it’s your first order, hit reply and I’ll let you know what I pass it on for.

And if it’s not for you, no big deal.


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