Would you be interested in a blood test that could tell you your fitness level?

This new research out of Stanford Medicine, which only came out last week, is very encouraging.

“The test could complement treadmill tests, a more traditional clinical evaluation of fitness, and provide individuals with far more nuanced information about their body’s molecular response to exercise” 

Sure, it’s kinda obvious from the outside looking in whether you are fit or not.

I mean if you sit around all day eating pizza and drinking wine with no physical activity over a long term period that you’re not going to be fit or healthy.

And if you do have a regular routine, you can say you’re fit.

But the thing I like about this sort of test is that it might help predict some future problems that haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Especially important if you have a genetic predisposition for a particular health problem.

If this does take off and prove to be valid after more researching, it could be a big help for someone.

I only found out late last year through good luck more than anything that I have a predisposition towards heart issues.

And that’s despite me thinking I’d be sweet because I am active and eat reasonably good and having had no symptoms.

But that wasn’t enough and luckily I am aware of things. 

Cause the alternative was I just would’ve been another one of those supposedly healthy blokes that drops dead all of a sudden.

So if someone like me can get a blood test that might be able to pick up something on a cellular level before I’m even aware of any changes then it can only be a good thing.

Hopefully this does take off and has some legs.

It just might even save you from an early death.

Have a great week.


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