I was trying to find a video on youtube late last year when I came across an old video of mine – from 9.5 years ago.

Somehow it has gotten to over 71,000 views.

Not sure how.

But obviously at some point in time, it got some attention.

The title of the video too is pretty appropriate for this time of year: The Worst Gym Machines: Do Not Use These If You Want To Lose Body Fat.

And this time of year is when you’re going to be finding gyms of most sorts pretty much packed with the new years crowd.

That’s all good.

I’m not going to be judging someone who is doing something to change the situation they’ve found themselves in.

So no hate here.

But what I don’t like is gyms full stop.

Their whole business model is set up for you to fail.

It’s all about getting in a new member at whatever discount you can get them on and lock them in.

With none or minimal support provided.

At DPM, I like to be different. 

I don’t lock you in on a contract.

People stay cause they want to. 

Because they feel welcomed and because they get results. 

They also enjoy the company of other DPMers too.

And there’s been more than a handful who have clocked up over 10 years at DPM – even pre-dating that old video.

Anyways, this blast from the past today was to prove to you that you don’t have to train in a gym to get results.

Come and train in the great outdoors instead.

I’ve got a couple of availabilities for one-on-one personal training (ask me for times if you’re interested) or you can join our Lilyfield or Observatory Hill small group sessions.

Either way, you’re going to get the accountability and support that a gym won’t give you.

So if you, or someone you know is interested in finding out more about what we do, you can always do so here

Looking forward to seeing you soon and working with you this year.


PS – if you still haven’t grabbed a copy of my book, and you’re looking for a fresh start to get you back on track cause you can’t make my sessions in person, you can still grab a copy here for only $20.

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