Just between you and me what’s the weirdest thing that you have a phobia of?
You know the usual spiders, snakes etc that would normally top the list?

I’m not a big fan of snakes.

Didn’t even want t to hold one of those big python suckers when the Snake man came to the summer camp I used to work at back in the day.

All the kids loved it.

Not me though. I was happy to pass.

Whatever your fear, I bet it ain’t as weird as some of these I came across the other day:

* Chromophobia – fear of a particular colour

* Turbophobia – fear of cheese

* Pogonophobia – fear of beards

(I may have a fear of those bloody hipster beards that only were cool back in 1875)

* Dextrophobia – fear of objects on the right or left

(ala Derek Zoolander who couldn’t turn left on the catwalk)

For you it might even be the simple phobia of starting things in motion when it comes to losing weight and getting back on track again.

– You think it’s gonna hurt.

(Promise I won’t flog you until you spew – you’ll ease your way in and start small)

– You think you’re going to be too far behind everyone else

(Remember your not joining some alpha type A pyscho cross-fitters. We’re all just doing our thing trying to get better each day and I have a no dickhead rule so no one is here to judge you)

– You think that you’re too far gone

(The only time you’re too far gone is the day your number comes up and the big fella upstairs taps you on the shoulder)

– You think that you’ll start to get into the routine before joining

Promise you that’ll never happen

– the accountability DPM provides you is something you’re not gonna get elsewhere.

You won’t have me checking in on you when you don’t turn up when you said you would if you go it alone.

And you won’t have the blueprint to follow step by step that keeps you on track and tells you what to eat and when.

And that’s the key to overcoming any training-phobia.

The accountability someone like me provides.

Cause most people know what they should do.

It’s the accountability and having someone keep them on track that stops them.

That’s exactly why I’ve had a business for the last 11 years.

​​​​​​​Because people like having someone to be accountable to and some place to show up and not have to think about what they have to do or should be doing to make sure their exercise time is a productive time.

That doesn’t have to be you.

All you have to do now is pick whether you’d prefer the Lilyfield or the Observatory Hill CBD group and that’s the first step to getting over your training phobia.

You can see the timetable and find out more info here




PS – If the groups don’t work for you reply back and we can chat about personal training – the 1-on-1 DPM sessions might be what you need to get over this phobia.



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