So, as some of you are already aware, last Thursday we were graced with the arrival of Jade Anne Munday.

Just like her big sister, she kept us waiting and was 4 days after her due date.

But as you’d expect, she was more than worth the wait.

And if you’re following the DPM page on facebook, you would’ve seen how gorgeous she is. And for those who don’t here she is.

Sure I’m biased, but hey, you wouldn’t expect anything else right?

Anyways, she already has more hair than me, not that that is a hard thing. Luckily I’m not the jealous type…

Emily is the perfect big sister and definitely the last 4 years of playing with her dolls and mothering them has been the right training for her.

So thank you to those who have provided their well wishes to us.

We are very lucky and everyone is healthy and going great.

Back to normal transmission with the next post!


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