Not sure whether you saw this on social media recently but there’s something I’d like to ask you:

Would you like an extra weeks holiday each year?

Paid of course.

Dumb question right?

Of course you would.

So how’s this idea thats taking off over in Sweden:

Exercise 3 hours a week and you score an extra weeks annual leave.

Paid for by your company.

One of the reasons is that firms hope it will lead to reduce stress of their staff.

I’m guessing that’s a yes, it will.

Also leads to be a bit of goodwill amongst team morale too.

That’s pretty cool don’t you think?

A company that actually cares about their staff!

All you gotta do is keep a record of your exercise for the week.

Not a bad idea right?

Now, true 3 hours can seem like a lot of exercise to cross off each week,

especially when you don’t have enough time in your day as it is.

And especially considering I always say you can start seeing some pretty cool results in as little as 60 minutes of exercise each week.

The concept though has some merit though, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyways, I thought it’s something cool that you might be interested in.

Maybe if you have enough pull at work you could even swing this idea and get it passed?


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