You may remember me mentioning a while ago about some of the research that showed the link between music and exercise performance?

Well, there’s a bit out there that’ll show there is a positive correlation.

Basically, when you’re tired during a workout and starting to fatigue, hearing a certain song can boost your mood and as a result, your performance.

It’ll help you get through that bit where a particular exercise might be a bit of a challenge for you.

And as you’re no doubt aware, none of us at DPM are in our 20’s anymore.

In fact for some of us, that was a long, long time ago!

As a result, our playlists of choice are suited to this.

Meaning we’ve got none of whatever it is that the young kids listen too these days.

So you’re more likely to hear something that you like, and that brings back a fun memory, to help you through.

Sidenote: A month or so ago out of curiosity I looked at the top charts stuff on Spotify and I had no idea who at least 90% of those in the top 50 were.

That stuff would give me zero performance boost. In fact it’d probably decrease my performance cause I’d be too busy thinking “what is this crap?”

So when you start to get tired and start to struggle during your workout, a song may come on that’ll remind you of some good times you had back in the day.

One of the comments last week was a certain Kylie song brought back memories of dancing on tables during drunken nights out.

And another caught herself singing along to Madonna.

The shuffle also brings up a few old school rock songs for those who prefer a bit more guitar. From 60’s/70’s Stones or Doors to the 80’s hair bands that are favourite of mine.

Even the 90’s grunge era and a bit of rap gets thrown in the mix too.

Same goes for stuff you remember from your days out at whatever cool nightclub you used to go to every week. 

So a bit of everything to keep pretty much everyone from our vintage happy.

Want a peak into some of our playlists?

Check out these (and you can find more on my spotify account – dan77m too if you like what you see)

80’s/90’s retro stuff –

Something Heavier –

60’s/70’s – 

The Lucky Dip – 354 songs of awesomeness! 

90’s –

That’s just scraping the surface.

So, what about you? Do you find this type of stuff helps your workout?

What’s your go-to that I should be adding?


PS – did you see my note about potentially adding the 5:40am Lilyfield Thursday morning option to our timetable yesterday?

If you’re interested, let me know ASAP so I can confirm or scrap the idea