One of my favourite things to do is have a lunch time sleep.

Today will hopefully be one of those days. 

It’s my day with Jade and when she goes down for a sleep at 1pm, well I go down too.

Most times I can get a short sleep, sometimes I’m just laying there.

But I read an article last week citing some new research that showed that napping can in fact boost your brain function.

That is obviously a good thing, so let’s have a look at it.

It was from a study that looked at 2000 people in China and they wanted to see whether the good old nanna nap would help prevent dementia and an overall decline in brain function.

And it turns out it does.

It also found that “afternoon napping was strongly associated with orientation, language function and memory”

The downside was this was only done on old people, so it may not be appropriate for us, although I’d tend to think it does.

I rarely ever feel worse after one.

Especially with the early wake ups.

And I guess the other downside is not everyone can get one all the time. 

I know I can’t unless it’s a weekend and I’m home.
There is more data to help back all this up too. And the benefits are more than just more on the dementia front.

A Greek study that went for 6 years found that a nanna nap of any duration was associated with a 34 per cent lower risk of dying from heart disease. 

Even the Swiss get on it too – they found that people who had a daytime sleep once or twice a week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease events.

So if you can get it – why not make the most of it?


PS – remember let me know if you’re in for another DPM 6 Week Challenge – I’ll make a call in the next day or so if it’s a goer or not.

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