Couple of thoughts I want to get off my chest today.

Maybe you agree with them.

Maybe you don’t.

Either way, by the end of this, you’ll get a better idea of what DPM is about these days.

And how it may have changed from what it used to be

– just like the stages in our lives have changed from what they may have been when I first started this journey all those years ago.

I believe that training in the rain isn’t a badge of honour to prove how tough you are.

Sure, years ago we may well have.

I know I used to do it with my own workouts.

But here’s the deal. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I don’t have the bullet proof immunity system like I did before kids.

In fact, if the girls are sick, chances are they’re going to pass it onto me to some degree.

It may not wipe me out and hit me for six, but there’s something there that never used to be there.

And I’d like to think I’m pretty healthy overall.

Just like you, with your kids too.

So it stands to reason that it makes no sense to train in the rain and expose yourself to something.

Besides, I don’t want to stand around and be soaking wet all day!

And no, it doesn’t make me, or you, a princess.

If that’s what you’d like to think, you definitely wouldn’t fit in with DPM.

I just know that we’re supposed to be doing stuff that’s making us healthier – not dragging us down.

And my philosophy these days is to train smart and effective = to enhance our quality of life.

Would you agree?

Another thing I don’t see as a badge of honour is smashing yourself to the point of complete physical exhaustion during a training session like I used to believe.

That’s not tough.

That’s just not smart.

Once again, I’m not saying that you don’t put in an effort during a workout.

There’s no point just going through the motions every single time.

It’s just that everyone’s degree of effort, and level of intensity is going to be different.

Sure, some days may be pushing yourself a little harder than normal for a little extra challenge.

Some you’ll need to reign it back based on a lack of sleep the night before or your body being a bit run down.

But the majority of them should be something that you’re going to get the long term benefit out of.

We get better at listening to our body the older we get (hopefully) and it’s also important to learn from the mistakes you made back when you thought you were young and bulletproof.

Hopefully I am.

Don’t get me wrong with this message today,

I’m not saying that just cause I’m 40 that I’m over the hill.

And that you are either.

I’d just like to think that I’ve got smarter these days.

And just like you, training isn’t our only priority these days.

It’s a means that we can use to make ourselves feel better about our body, and extend our life so we can enjoy it more with our kids.

Not so we can post a sweaty selfie on Instagram with a fancy hashtag or 10.

If it means we have to approach things a little differently then we did back in the day, then so be it.

It just means you’ll be able to continue doing it for longer!