“I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?”

To steal a line from Samuel L Jackson in that Pulp Fiction classic.

Because after all, who doesn’t love bacon.

And it’s versatility.

As you no doubt know, you can have it for any meal.

Breakfast. Yep. How good is an eggs benedict at your local cafe.

Lunch. Of course. Take your pick it can be with anything from a salad to burger and anything in between.

Dinner. Got your back there too. You can do egg and bacon frittata type things. Omlettes. Quiches. Add it to pasta.

You name it.

If you even want to go down the dessert route I’ve even seen a canadian maple bacon ice-cream flavour.

Can’t say I’ve tried that though.

Although if I did see it next time at Messina I’d probably give it a go…

All of this brings me to this question that I’m often asked:

Can I eat bacon as part of the DPM food plan?

Go for your life.

Sure, technically it may not be 100% pure clean with whatever they use to get it as tasty as it is plus the high salt content.

But I’d much rather have that then any type of breakfast cereal for example when you’re looking for a breakfast.

There’s plenty of worse options.

Besides, you rarely have bacon all by itself.

Normally have it with a nice side of eggs and some veggies thrown in too possibly. 

So you get the added benefit there from those beauties as well.

Does it mean you should have it everyday?

Of course not.

After all, if you did that you’d probably end up sick of it.

(If that’s even possible)

Rest assured though, it’s not the end of the world if you want to enjoy it as part of your plan 

(and not count it towards your cheat meal quota).

What I hope to achieve by reinforcing something like this, is that once again, it just goes to show the DPM food plan isn’t some pie in the sky stuff.

It’s really easy to follow.

And produces some pretty cool results if I do say so myself.

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