There was a great song back in the 80’s I think from Hunters and Collectors.

Back in the hole.

Pretty much sums up today.

Post long(er) weekend blues.

Maybe a hangover of the chocolate or wine variety?

Maybe both?

Either way, like I said on Thursday

where I basically gave you permission to do whatever you wanted over the Easter break.

eat to your hearts content.

Drink your fill of the good grapes.

So no beating yourself up over what you ate and drank right?

I hope you let the hair down.

Cause just like the Hunters sang

On the weekend I’m gonna have a good one
Cause I’ll be back in the hole in the morning light

Spot on.

Back in the hole today, doing what you gotta do.

And while the meaning of that song may be different to where I’m heading with this,

the point is the same.

Back to the grind today.

We can eat a little better.

Remember we aren’t looking for perfection.

Save that for those who’ve ‘gotta hit their macros’.

Just aim for better than the weekend.

Start moving again with some exercise.

And get back in that hole so-to-speak of the usual grind.

Need some help getting started?

You know where to find me…


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