So after a simple email request on Friday I decided to do something that I didn’t intend to do this year.

Run another 6 week challenge. The last time I tried to do this there were crickets. No interest at all so I decided not to go ahead.

This time after being asked I thought why not.

New year, new challenge.

Seeing as a few people are doing an alcohol free month and want a bit of a re-set so to speak, the request was whether we could tie something together with that.

Ask and you shall receive.

And I want to make it really low barrier of entry – to remove any excuses you may have that would stop you from otherwise joining us.

It’s going to be free for current DPMers.

And only $50 for those not currently working with DPM.

Can’t get much more easier than this.

The format?

It’s not all about weight loss.

If you want that then cool. You can focus on that.

If you want to just get back into a good exercise routine, you can work on that too.

If you want to just have a bit of extra accountability to go with your normal training program then you get that too.

Of course if you’re not doing any regular training, I’ll cover that too. You’ll get a follow along at home workout program (and follow along video where I do it with you in real time).

You will get one simple challenge to focus on for that day.

It may be to drink more water. Or maybe go for a walk. Or maybe track your sleep.

You get the picture.

But over time, these small little accomplishments can build up to something pretty cool over the next 6 weeks.

And if you want in, all you have to do is hit reply and tell me your answers to the following:

1) What do you want to achieve in the next 6 weeks?

2) What do you have to change to get you there?

3) What is your biggest obstacle to making these changes?

4) How would it make you feel to actually achieve what you wrote in question 1?

Like I said, it’s complimentary for current DPMers – consider it a value add to your current training and a bit of extra accountability.

If you’re not currently able to train with me, your investment will be $50 for the 6 weeks.

I’ll send you the paypal link to confirm your position once I receive your reply with the above answers.

You’ll get a follow along at home program to do – along with the rest of the program.

Let’s do it.

Any questions, you know what to do, hit reply and ask away.

We start straight away.


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