Just like clockwork , here I am again.

You see there’s a reason why I write these emails to you every day.

Well a couple of reasons.

But the main reason is to build a habit.

For you and for me.

For you, it’s to see these come into your inbox everyday with the hope that you’ll give them a read.

Granted, I don’t expect you to read everyone, and if you do that’s awesome to hear.

But I know you’re busy and I figure if I only sent an email once a week or every now and then you probably wouldn’t pay as much attention to it.

Or even think who the hell is this bloke and why is he emailing me.

If if is an everyday thing, I figure you’ll read what you can and hopefully something strikes a cord with you.

And the reason for me, is it gives me an avenue for my sometimes mad ramblings.

So thank you for reading them!

There is another reason that I do this on a regular basis.

It’s to be at the front of your mind in the event that you may ever need what I have to offer.

Whether that be an immediate need, or a need that might eventually happen for any potential training, I want to be there for you

This does work cause over the years there’s been a few former DPMers who have come back and got in touch by replying to one of these, which validates why I still do it.

And for those who are already DPMers, it’s a way for me to stay in front of them too.

Hopefully you feel a little bit more educated about this whole health and fitness journey that we’re on at times.

Hopefully at other times you get a laugh out of something that I share. Even if it is at my own expense.

Either way, I hope it gives you a break from your reality and whatever else you have going on in your life at the point in time that you click open on the email.

For those who don’t want these anymore, there’s always the unsubscribe button at the end of each email.

I won’t be offended if that’s you.

But if you are interested in getting back in the DPM saddle, or starting your journey with us, you can find out more info here