Just to show that what I sent last Friday was genuine,

and that I was interested in what you had to say,

I wanted to take today to give you something that may help you too.

You see, one of the replies was a two part thing from a DPMer who I’ll keep anonymous.

First part was dealing with cravings returning, and how to deal with them.

That I think is a pretty damn good question cause it’s something that pretty much everyone struggles with.

I know I do at times.

And whether you should satisfy that craving or not.

But I’ll give you some inside mail with that later this week.


But the other part was getting some strength building exercises for those arms.

Bingo wings.

Tuck shop lady arms.

Whatever you want to call them.

I’ve heard people describe them as a few things over the years.

Not all of them complementary!

So here’s a few exercises that are good ones for hitting the spot.

The first ones are bodyweight ones and I’ve included the link to my old youtube vids on them.

* Diamond Push Ups – these are pretty awesome whether you’re on your knees or your toes

You can also do triceps push ups too

(the ones where your elbows brush your sides as you go down)

* Reverse Helicopters – these are harder than they look

Make sure your arms are pulled right back for best effect

These other ones you’re going to need a resistance type tube for:

– Tube Arm Curls

– Tube Kickbacks

– Tube Reverse Curls

All of these we use from time to time in any DPM workout.

And all of them hit the spot.

But above all, the take home point is pretty much any upper body exercise is great for those arms.

Even things like Recline Rows or cheat chin ups that primarily target other areas give the arms a real good workout.

Hit the spot for you?

By the way, if you’re interested, 

I have some morning and lunch time personal training time slots available now.

Hit reply if you’ve got any questions or if you’re interested, plus you can find more info of what’s involved here

DPM Personal Training Transformation




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