Something on the more serious side today,

a bit of a deep dive into sabotage and how our eating behaviours can be slowing our weight loss progress down.

Or worse, stopping that progress from happening in the first place.

Do you find this ever happens to you?

And I have to tell you, I speak from experience here, cause I can self-sabotage with the best of them at times.

You know what it’s like, when you have a plan and you’re set on your food for the week,

or even a day, and then you somehow end up with something in your mouth that wasn’t intended.

You normally have the stuff it moment, usually when you’re starving and don’t have anything on hand.

And you happen to be shopping and end up buying something that grabbed your eye.

Or you go to the pantry and get the choccy biscuits or whatever your go-to is.

Mine is chocolate nuts. If they’re in the house, I’m eating too many of them.

Same goes if you’re planning a Friday night without a wine or three but come dinner time, there you are, glass in hand.

It happens.

There’s a couple of triggers though, apart from being starving that tend to lead us astray. The main one I’ll go into today is mindless eating.

This usually happens when you just pick at something that you have on your desk as you’re working on something else and end up eating without thinking about it.

Just cause it’s there.

I do this when you have some nibbles out on the odd weekend or when at a family do.

There’s chips and cheese and nuts and everything else in between there and you just eat cause it’s there.

Not necessarily cause you’re hungry.

End result = we eat more than we needed to in the first place.

The family get together stuff is hard to avoid unless you want to bring in super strict discipline but the desk stuff is easier to control.

Have a portion controlled amount already made up. That way when that’s done, you’re done.

I always eat more when I’m eating straight from a packet of nuts then when I pre-plan the portion size.

Same goes for pretty much anything actually.

So I need to have an amount already made up.

How about you?

Cause no matter how good your snack food may be that you’re eating, if you’re eating too much, you’re slowing down your weight loss.

Once your body has taken in too many calories, it’ll get stored as fat.

No matter where those calories came from.

What do you reckon? Anything here that you found of use?

Does it make you more aware that you might be the same as me at times?

Cause the more aware of our triggers that we are, the better we can be at planning to deal with them when they come all.

Once again, this just shows that I’m just like you and not some super-human robot that doesn’t have any vices.

I’ve got enough of my own.

I just know how to deal with some of them better than others.

Hopefully you can too.