Apart from being the name of a great AC/DC song from the early 90’s, it may well be a valid question for me to ask you right now.

Let me explain why. Maybe lately you might have been thinking you really need to start reigning things in when it comes to the extras that creep into your life – whether that be food, alcohol or just not saying no to enough things and focusing more on you.

Maybe you’ve reached the parachute limit that I mentioned recently on the Top Of The Hill podcast or maybe you just realise that you need to do something different because you’ve stopped noticing any progress with your training.

And you know how human nature works with these types of things, it often takes a while after we start to notice these things that we actually implement them.

Because the time right now just isn’t right.

I’ve done it too.

There was a stage over the last few months were I noticed I’d crept back into to letting the glass or two of wine with dinner creep into my midweek game plan.

There was always a reason that I tried to justify for it. Kids or other stress or whatever.

It was my relax valve.

But I kept putting it off cause the time wasn’t right.

When really it was just me not wanting to face reality.

Or to even make that change.

Cause we both know the time is never perfect.

So I drew that line in the sand and unsurprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to do.
You just have to break the cycle.

My tip for today is to stop waiting for the perfect time to do something different.

Or to break a cycle that you may be stuck in.

Things don’t have to be perfect.

Life doesn’t work like that.

Just take the step – ask yourself if you’re ready.

Be honest with your answer.

Why not now?

Pick something that can be changed easily.

You don’t have to change the world in a week.

Make it a gradual thing.

And if after reading this, you decide that you are indeed ready to start something different, or step things up a gear with what you’re currently doing now, or maybe you just need a bit more accountability, then hit reply.

Tell me what it is that you want to change and we can work a plan to make it happen.



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