There’s a big argument around the world right now, especially in Melbourne and in parts of America, 

about the benefit of gyms being open during the middle of the pandemic.

And to a lesser degree, even here in NSW, where restrictions have changed and now they have to have a covid sheriff or whatever you want to call them the whole time that a facility is open.

Even in regional NSW that haven’t ever had a case.

Now, I’ve never claimed to be the smartest man in the room, 

but surely reducing a facilities opening hours means that someone who for example might be a shift worker and usually trains when there’s no one else in the gym, 

has to try and come in at a time when there’s going to be more people there – hence exposing more people to potential risk.

But I won’t get on a rant about that.
Back to the positives on them being open though.

This quote from a US doctor sums things up pretty good:

“COVID-19 has just so vividly exposed our unhealthy lifestyles…You go through the list of risks for COVID-19, especially dying of COVID-19 or being severely ill from COVID-19; those are the diseases of inactivity.”

Which is why there’s a big debate about whether gyms should be considered essential services much like the supermarkets and Dan Murphys.

Now as you are no doubt aware, I’m going to push the exercise banner as a solution to a lot of life’s problems.

And of course, I prefer people to be outside exercising just like we do at DPM.

But for those who would much rather be inside, then it should indeed be considered an essential service – providing they are following the right cleaning, hygiene and social distancing practices of course.

The no camp will point to examples like earlier this week about the Sydney gym that has a bunch of cases, but really to me that is no different to someone going to dinner and finding out later they’re positive.

It’s just pretty much dumb luck for the most part.

In fact they’re probably safer than restaurants as people are a bit more spaced out in a gym.

Hopefully those campaigning have success and can get back getting people moving and healthier again.

Cause that should be the end goal here – across the industry.

Sure, I’d prefer people to train outside and join DPM, but I’m not naive enough to think it’s for everyone.

Anyways, that’s the inside info from behind the scenes in the fitness industry and what they’re pushing for.

What do you reckon?

At worse, maybe in Melbourne they need to let people train outside with a trainer 1-on-1 like you could during stage 3 here earlier this year.

have a good weekend,


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