Did you catch the episode of Catalyst on the ABC last night?

I got the tip about half an hour before it started when I got a text from a client who mentioned i might want to check it out.

The premises was something that wasn’t foreign to me.

In fact, 5 minutes in I realised that I’d seen it before

(I think they ran it last year initially)

But for the everyday punter who reckons they’re too busy to make time to exercise I think it’s huge.

They were talking about the benefit of High Intensity Interval Training,

which is exactly what we do at Team DPM.

Basically get your heart rate up with and bust out as much movement as you can

in a small time frame.

The point is it is perfect for the busy lifestyle.

No one wants to train for hours every day.

Even the guidelines are a crock I think.

30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

That just scares people off.

“Why bother starting”

“I can’t fit that in”

“Oh well, I’m too far gone”

But with this theory you don’t need that long.

Not even close.

And the benefit of this type of exercise is that it’s basically your insurance against old age.

Yes, we’re all gonna die.

BUT how we age is up to us.

You always know someone who, when you find their age,

you automatically think “Well they’ve sprinted”

and lived the fast life.

So we can get the body moving and as a result our skin will be better.

Sure we’ll have a wrinkle or 2 as we age 

but at least we won’t look like a snake after shedding their skin.

So how bout it?

Enough of a reason to get going?

Or to get one of your friends along to join you?

Remember until the month of May, 

I’m rewarding any DPMer, 

or any non DPMer who sends someone my way with some free DPM gear.

They don’t have to join for you to get the clobber.

Just get them to come to a session at least and I’ll take of the rest.

Got someone in mind?

Send them here and I’ll drop em a line to welcome them along 




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