So I’ve completed another trip around the sun today – clocking up 43.

Some might say I don’t look a day over 50…

Anyways, birthdays these days are a different thing.

Obviously as a kid it’s a big deal and you’re really excited for it.

Now, it’s just another number.

I don’t stress about getting older.

But I guess the closer I get to my Dads age when he died (53) the more it might be in the back of my mind. I don’t know.

It’s a bit surreal to be honest to think that my Dad only lived for another 10 years from where I am now.

Anyways, even though it’s my birthday I want to give you a gift.

Especially if you’re a current DPMer.

Hopefully you saw my email yesterday with your free access link to the videos that you can use for those who are keen to get in some extra action over the break.

If you missed it hit me up and I’ll send you the link with the password you’ll need.

For everyone else, if you’ve got a spare pineapple, you can get access too.

Grab your follow along at home workout videos for only $50 via the paypal link here.

I’ll send you the download link and password you’ll need for the page.

You’ll get the 6 full videos so all you have to do is push play (you can even download these if you like) or just bookmark the page for easy access.

Plus there’s also the pdf of each workout and as a little bonus a pdf version of my book which all of these came from.

So grab yourself a Christmas present and this’ll tide you over the festive season.


PS – if you’re a current DPMer, check your inbox from yesterday cause I sent you all of this as my present to you.

If you missed it please let me know if it’s not in your junk mail.

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