I don’t know about your house, but I have to confess that my kids heard a new word during the lockdown period.

Thankfully I haven’t heard them repeat them back yet.

They were told that the F bomb was an adult word, but I’m not holding my breath…

And today I’m going to talk about another four letter word that can be just as damaging as the F word or the C word.

In fact, this word is also an F word.


The reason for this message today is because I read a very interesting insight into this the other night that I had to make note of it.

I am reading the new Anna Meares book at the moment and it’s pretty good so far.

Anna is one of my favourite Aussie athletes of all time, and arguably in the conversation as our greatest Olympian ever.

She is also very lovely in person too. 

I met her back in 2009 at the Tour Down Under and she was awesome and very friendly and open for a chat.

But what she wrote about fear really made sense to me, and hopefully it helps you on your journey:

It’s human nature to experience fear… I’ve learned that the key thing to remember going into a process is that the outcome hasn’t happened yet.

If the outcome is what we’re fearful of, we are focusing on the wrong thing.

But if our focus is on the process and we apply ourselves to the situation, we are thinking about the positive of what we can do in the moment.

The ‘is’ not the ‘if’.

Pretty cool hey?

And a nice mind shift in changing our approach.

Hopefully you can take this little bit of advice on board from Anna if you are struggling right now with overcoming a fear of something, or a feeling like you’re stuck.

Remember if you do want to get things moving again, and overcome that fear, I’ve got a big question to ask you now:

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