Following on from what I mentioned yesterday about the back and how to manage a crook back,

there’s one more thing I’d like to recommend for you.

Especially if your issues are upper back/neck related.

Now I can write the book on this.

My neck is shot since I got spear tackled first game back from a neck injury in what turned out to be my last game of rugby.

But the end result is I’ve still got a big scar tissue lump there these days.

The downside of seeing the hot physio instead of the good one that ran the practice and I’m paying for it to this day.

But in my defence I was only 23…

Anyways, you may have issues if your day is spent at a desk or when you’ve had too much screen time on the phone.

I’ve also noticed my issues flare up this year since Jade was born and the looking down at her can trigger it.

So enough beating around the bush.

Apart from the usual massage/foam rolling etc that can help relieve it, I also get by with a hot water bottle when it’s really bad.

That’s more manageable now but on the days when it was 30 plus and I’m still putting it on you know it’s reached desperation stakes.

But the extra little thing that I find that really works I actually discovered by default.

I had a workout planned one day when my neck/upper back/shoulders area was feeling pretty ordinary.

I figured, in line with what I mentioned yesterday, that a workout isn’t going to make it any worse = and it just may well provide me with a bit of relief.

What I didn’t really expect was that when I did some Reverse Helicopters as part of my workout it totally eased my neck pain for that day. Considering how bad it was feeling.

Now, as you may be aware, in the DPM workouts we can do these a little bit, especially during the warm ups , and occasionally bump the numbers up during our actual workout.

And I can recommend them for you too if you’re struggling with the same issues.

To be clear, I’ve tried this a few times it flares up and it does help relieve.

If you’re not familiar with this exercise, check out this video:

They’re also a great exercise for working the upper back area and strengthening the rear shoulder muscles = so it’s no surprise how effective they are for relieving the niggles in the same areas.

And let me know if you find them as beneficial as I do.


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