As DJ Khaled would say “And another one”, and yes, this is another plug today.

The final one I promise, back to normal insights tomorrow.

But a bit of self promotion every now and then isn’t a bad thing…

This one is my fitness related project that I resurrected a month or so ago.

The Top Of The Hill podcast. 

I call it top of the hill cause I figure as with all DPMers, we’re all over 40 and the way I see it is that we’re at the top of the hill life wise.

We’ve learned our mistakes from when we were younger and it’s up to us now to make the most of this view from the hill before we slide down it into old age.

And with that in mind, we can stay at the top of this hill for as long as we like – providing that we actually do the work and keep on top of our fitness.

The episodes are only a few minutes long and it’s just my insights into something that I usually write on here each day but expanded just a little bit further than a regular email would entail.

If it’s your cup of tea, same deal as yesterday, you can find it where you find most podcasts.

The Spotify link is here

There’ll be a new episode dropping live this arvo.
And as I mentioned yesterday with my other show, when I resumed doing this I had a goal in my head to get to 50 and see how I go.

That’s only 2 episodes off, so I might keep going but  it’s not my main priority to be honest.

But the content is there, and hopefully it does help someone = maybe even you?


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