This may come as a surprise to my teenage self, and maybe even my 20 something self, but I don’t know everything.

For the point of reference for todays message, I’m going to steer this to the fitness side of things.

So yes, while I may have been in the industry for coming up 21 years this October, and DPM will be 16 years old at the end of October too, I still don’t know it all when it comes to health and fitness.

And It’s okay to admit that.

In fact I’d be pretty arrogant to admit otherwise.

While a little bit of ego is healthy, too much just proves how much of a goose you are.

The point of this today is based on something I read yesterday that Ryan Reynolds, the actor, came out and said in an article recently:

“I think it’s such a great tool of leadership to be able to say, ‘I don’t know.’ The worst leaders I’ve ever worked with or been around are the ones who are steadfast and indignant in their righteousness, and really worried about their image.”

I don’t know about you, but Ryan actually seems to be pretty likeable for an actor. He seems to be able to take the you know what out of himself, as is evident in his running ‘feud’ with Hugh Jackman.

So while I may have thought I knew more than I actually did back in the day, it’s far from the case now.

And if there’s something that you can teach me when it comes to fitness, and how to continue to improve DPM, then I’m all ears.

Have a good weekend.



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