So the workout I posted from Emily the other week got a good reception and she was happy to hear that people liked it.

Now she’s given me another one that I had to tell you (her orders).

Hopefully she won’t hit me up to be put on the payroll.

Anyways, here’s her encore workout:

1. Star Jumps x 50

2. Shadow boxing x 100

3. Monster walks x 50

4. Spider-Man twists x 50

Repeat x 3

Now this time round I picked the numbers and sets, but it’s worth a shot if you want a quick workout that will get your heart rate up.

She was pretty happy to hear that I told her that workout would work pretty much every muscle in your body.

These exercises weren’t prompted by me. They’re just the ones that she likes the sound of or ones she actually likes doing.

Give it a go if you like, but there’s plenty of my other habits that she could pick up that are worse than this exercise thing, so hopefully it sticks.

Have a good weekend.


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