First off, I’ll state the obvious and say that if you are currently experiencing any depression, that this doesn’t qualify as medical advice.

But if this is you, or someone who you may know, then I think you’ll find it very timely advice.

And let’s be honest, depression isn’t the big white elephant that it used to be viewed as which can only be a good thing cause we all know someone who is prone to this.

If we’re all being honest too, there’s probably a bit of it in all of us at different times.

Maybe not the clinical diagnosis as such, but times when you’re a  bit down on things and probably looking at things half empty instead of glass half full for longer then we should.

Anyways, enough of me gibbering on.

The research I want to share with you today came from Yale and Oxford Universities who found that a moderate level of exercise improved your mental health.

That should be a no-brainer considering we all know how good it can feel once you do actually finish your workout, with the feel good endorphin hormones released by your brain and getting a bit of a natural ‘high’.

The interesting finding was that there was a point where too much exercise could have a negative effect.

And it wasn’t just a small scale survey either – it was over 1.2 million people (probably explains why both universities were used).

Those magic numbers?

45 minutes for 3-5 days of exercise a week.

The surprising thing for me was the finding that the mental health of those who exercised more than 5 days a week wasn’t always as good as those who did the 3-5 days.

What do you think? Surprised?

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, there may be factors behind the study that we don’t know about.

But I guess it just confirms what I’ve been on at DPM about for the last few years now.

Get your workout in, do some walking or whatever, but have some down time too to give your body a break.

And it seems the mental break is just as good as the physical break.

The important take home message, once again, is there is concrete proof that exercise does help your mental health wellbeing.

Whether that be by doing something with DPM or by getting outside and walking (which I’ve really enjoyed doing more of in the last 6 months since Jade was born).

Your choice might even be a gym or riding a bike or playing sport (that was actually shown to have a 22.3% reduction in mental health problems).

While aerobic and gym activities reported a 20.1% reduction.

Either way, the benefit of doing something is obvious. Especially when you do it with other like minded people who make your experience enjoyable.

It will help your long term wellbeing.

Even if you can’t see it as a worthwhile thing doing when you’re in the middle of your fog.

Hopefully this info can help you or someone you love when they need it the most.