So I got thinking the other day about all of this smoke and bushfires and stuff and I figured there’s a win-win-win situation I wanted to share with you.

I decided that from Monday until Christmas I’m donating 100% of my profits for my Short ‘N Sweet book to the fundraiser.

Basically, if I post it to you, my profit is just over $5 and If I give to you at a session, add another just over $9 postage cost to that.

So I’ll round things up and make things simple.

You buy the book and I post it to you, I’ll donate $6 to the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal.

You buy it and I give it to you in person, I’ll donate $16 to the same appeal.

I wanted to give it direct to the RFS but their website was redirecting to the charities.

As for win-win-win?

You’ll win cause you’re getting the book as a stocking stuffer for someone, or for yourself next time you’re on the road and need a quick workout that you can do in minimal space – this has you covered.

The other big thing is obviously with the crap air quality at the moment, training outside isn’t exactly enjoyable at the moment for people with asthma or other allergy conditions.

Once again, this has you covered cause you can do it indoors with the aircon on.

It’s a win of course for a charity that needs some help right now and I’d feel ordinary plugging my book saying buy it cause of the crap air quality and not do anything to help those who have been affected.

And it’s a win for me to get rid of the stock that I’ve got sitting around now.

I got some new stock for something I thought would be needed, but it didn’t go through, so there’s stock that I want gone.

So let’s get that win-win-win happening.

Get yours here for only $20

And I’ll either pop it in the post ASAP or give it to you at training next time I see you.

Besides, you’ll beat the Jan 1 price rise too.



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