As you may know, I like to do things a little differently.

Rather than just blindly follow whatever trend is cool nowadays.

I mean these days in the fitness industry, the ‘cool’ thing seemingly is being an online only trainer.

Half the things I see on LinkedIn when contacts like anothers post is something from an online only guru.

I get the attractiveness of it all. You sit on your arse all day at home and tell people what to do.

Sounds good in theory.

There’s some days I wish I didn’t have the early wake up to allow me to drive into Lilyfield.

But there’s one big thing that they’re missing as far as I’m concerned.

And last year really reinforced that.

The thing that I actually missed most when all the DPM groups were forced to zoom only was the face to face contact.

Sure none of us may look our best at 5:40 in the morning, but let’s be honest – none of us are there to be in the next Roger David catalogue (if they are even still around?!)

But the connection and rapport that you can establish face to face is hard to beat.

And it was something that I really missed.

Sure zoom workouts have their place – in fact I still do them – and have done them for one-on-one training sessions.

They can be very effective when it’s not practical to meet in person.

But to me, I’d prefer the face to face.

It’s easier to have a joke in between working out.

Maybe I am a bit old fashioned.

I don’t see that as a bad thing.

Just look at our playlist in the groups where we have the tunes on. There’s none of this new noise – just stuff that you’ll remember from back when you were cooler than your kids think you are now.

Zoom has its place. So does Trainerize – cause I know not everyone can join in in-person, and I’d rather them have an avenue to still get some DPM action in.

But for those who can, don’t worry, the face to face groups will be around for as long as I am.


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