What were you afraid of as a kid?

Was there anything?

For me, I can’t remember anything in particular that stands out, but I know that from time to time my kids have always had something.

Be that the dark for a small point in time or eating veggies or whatever.
Things always get blown out to be bigger problems than what they actually should be.

It is what it is.

Same goes for us though when it comes to fitness.

There can tend to be something that we might not necessarily be afraid of, but we put it off cause we know it’s going to be uncomfortable to confront it.

Maybe it’s going to a doctor about something that might be considered embarrassing?

Maybe it’s even starting an exercise habit after a bit of a break cause life got in the way?

Maybe it’s even joining a group like I run cause you might be self conscious and wonder what people will think of you?

Maybe you’re worried you’ll be too far behind?

Maybe you think you’re too far gone already?

Well it is always worse in our head.

Just like when you have that imaginary argument in your head in the shower with someone about a situation you have to deal with.

And if you are maybe concerned about what others may think of you when you’re training in a group, well that’s one thought I want squash.

For two reasons.

At DPM we’re not judgy little snobs.

Sure you may find that in some gyms that are a bit show ponyish.

But what you’re going to find is that people are supportive.

No one is elitist or on the other hand looked down on cause they may be a little out of nick compared to where they may have been at one other point in time.

The other reason is that people at one point or another have always been that ‘new person’. Even if they came with a mate, they still knew no one else. 

That doesn’t last long.

So if you have put off doing something because of one of those reasons, don’t.

Same goes if you know someone who has.

Take the step.

Back yourself.

You’ll thank yourself down the track and your only regret will be that you didn’t start earlier.

If that has motivated you to get off the sidelines and back yourself and you, or someone you know wants to get started, the current group vacancies are as follows;

Lilyfield early mornings: Tuesday and Wednesday

City: Tuesday and Thursday mornings plus Saturday morning

Personal training: limited availability either via in person or zoom coaching

You can find out more info by hitting reply or fill your info on the link here


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