If you happened to stumble across Doc Brown and his DeLorean and you had one trip to go back in time with the exact purpose of giving yourself some advice what would you say?

Apparently one third of adults think of this at least once a week according to something I saw on LinkedIn last week.

I think that we’d all like to pass on something of use to our younger self and I think that anyone who says they have no regrets really is kidding themselves.

I know I would.

First thing I’d do would be to slip my younger self a copy of a sports almanac or something similar to what old Biff did to younger Biff in Back To The Future.

That’d be a no-brainer.

But on the serious front, there’s a few things I would do differently again if I had the chance.

First of all I would go back to when I was 19 and thinking about going back to playing footy again. I’d say don’t do it. Your body won’t appreciate it.

You don’t become any good so it’s not worth it.

Most importantly, I’d also tell my younger self to spend more time with my Dad just hanging out knowing what will be in store for him in a few years time.

I’d also mention to explore more of the places you had the opportunity to when I was travelling around the States back in the day.

I saw a bit, but I kick myself now at what I had the opportunity to do when I was so close and just went and did the usual 21 year old thing and decided to stay in and get pizza and beer and watch tv.

Business wise too, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I guess after 14.5 years you’re bound to make a few.

Wasted a lot of money on advertising that didn’t work, and chasing a lot of bright shiny objects back in the early days to try and ‘make it big’.

There’s also a few opportunities both business and otherwise that I would’ve taken up in hindsight knowing how things panned out.

But that’s the beauty of getting older. 

We get smarter (hopefully).

And while we can’t go back in that time machine and change those decisions we can only do the best with the cards that we’re dealt with now.

Speaking of those cards, if you’re not happy with the way that hand has played out, the good news is we have the power to change it.

I’m here to help if you want to do that, or know someone who may benefit.

Back to that time machine though, what would you tell your younger self?



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