“Listening is the singular first step on the path to any positive change in the world” says Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors in the US.

And it’s a pretty good point to start with today. 

It may even be something that does your head in in your house when it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall half the time when the kids refuse to listen to what you’re saying.

Or is that just my house?

While that quote was obviously meant for the workplace, there’s a few ways I see it.

Let’s take that home example with the kids. 

The only way they are going to change whatever behaviour you’re talking about is if they actually listen and take on board your feedback.

And I can say the same thing applies to your fitness journey too.

Let’s say you have something that you want to knuckle down and work towards, the first step always involves listening – on a number of fronts.

The first one being that you need to listen to any potential warning signs your body may be sending you.

Are you more stressed than normal?

Are you feeling run down?

Maybe you’re noticing clothes getting tighter?

Whatever it is the important thing is to listen to these warning signs that your body sends you.

Then we can work on that change once we’ve listened.

That change will always involve a plan of some description.

So you know what you have to do.

Regardless of how big that task may seem at the start, it all starts with crossing one small thing off at a time.

Then moving onto the next one.

With that point in mind, if you saw my note yesterday about potentially running a final DPM 6 Week Challenge for 2020 then please register your interest.

It’s not a final lock it in Eddie commitment.

More just an expression of interest if you can see something like this helping you over the back end of the year.

Especially with everything that 2020 has thrown at us – something like this might be the thing you need if you feel like things have gotten out of control on whatever aspect of your life that may need a bit of extra focus.

People find the best thing from something like this is the focus it gives you.

And of course the accountability of me working with you to set some goals and something to work towards.

So what do you reckon?

Just to clarify, as per the last one, you can do it remotely so don’t need to be physically present at our sessions.

Got a couple of people interested and if we can get a couple more we’ll be a goer.


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