Here’s something that I heard on a podcast during the week that I thought might be a good take home point for you on a Friday morning.

It was an interview with Seth Godin, who if you’re not familiar with him, he’s a bit of a marketing guru and author of a squillion books on the topic.

The podcast, which is well worth a listen by the way, is the Small Business Big Marketing Show and this little pearler that I heard early sums up exactly what I try and offer at DPM:

“What I offer isn’t for everyone, but it may just be for you”

This really struck a chord with me.

I mean, with so many different choices out there that you could’ve chosen, you’ve chosen me and I’m grateful for that.

And I can safely say that DPM isn’t for everyone.

You’ll notice that there are no 20 somethings in here.

There’s no one here that wants the crossfit style of training and other things that are popular these days.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If that’s your thing, that’s cool. It’s a valid training format – for the right person.

Too many people join things like that and other franchise gyms that are popular now and end up getting injury after injury because it’s not the right type of workout for what their body needs at this age for the most part.

Sure, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but from my experience, and stories heard, it is the norm.

And what I try to offer at DPM is something that is more targeted to the 40+ market.

That doesn’t mean what we do is a charity workout of course where we just do ‘old people’ stuff.

What I mean is it’s more targeted to our age demographic and injury history.

We don’t do burpees partly for this reason.

It can place too much stress on a lower back (for starters) that is already suffering from a lifetime of sitting down. 

And there’s a heap of other exercises that are just as effective and get the same result without the grief to get you there.

And that sums things up I think.

What we do isn’t for everyone, but it just might be for you.

Or your friends who might be in the same boat as you.

And I appreciate you spreading the word to those friends.

Remember, until the end of March, you get 1 point for each friend who comes along and joins the DPM 2 Week Test Drive and when they decide to join at the end, you’ll get another point.

If they take up one of my personal training vacancies, you get 3 points straight up.

Thanks for spreading the word, and for being part of something that works for you.


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