Something a little different for a Friday.

Let’s play a hypothetical question.

If you could only ever do one exercise for the rest of your life what would you choose?

There’s no right or wrong answer, cause the answer is going to come down to you.

What works for you the most?

And it’s a pretty open ended question cause it could also encompass running, walking and the like too.

Not just for an exercise that you could do as part of your routine.

So what do you reckon?




If I had to answer I’d say walking.

It gives me the downtime where I can get out on my own with just my headphones and podcasts.

Bonus points if the walk involves a coastal view of the ocean.

I do like that.

But if I had to name one particular exercise that is included as part of a normal workout, I’d choose Standing Rows.


Cause they work a lot of muscles at once.

And you can even modify them to bring your legs into play – by putting the legs in front of you instead of dropping them behind you.

Yes, it makes them easier for the upper body, but you can also argue it brings the legs in almost like a squat so you cover a full body workout there with just the one exercise.

So like I said, it’s a pretty open ended question, but what would your answer be?


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