Did you get into Australian Ninja Warrior this year?

I know I’ve probably mentioned it in previous years, but it’s the one reality show that you can get into without any of the BS of the other ones.

There’s no bitchiness or backstabbing.

No one is scheming behind someone elses back.

They’re all positive and encouraging – of even their rivals.

And it’s a great show to watch with the kids for a couple of reasons.

One, there’s none of the bitchiness or scheming of the other shows.

Two, it shows activity and exercise in a positive light and making it look cool cause of the things that they can do so seemingly easy.

And third, as a girldad x 2, it shows that the girls can kick the blokes butt in some instances, and at worst, be level with them and compete on the same course.

I think that alone plants a subtle seed in their brain. Well at least I hope it does.

If you watched the final on Monday night for example, there was a race between the last 3 blokes to scale the rope climb at the end.

They all made it but it was a time based thing so only one winner. 

But even though they were all trying to win $400k, they were cheering each other on which was cool.

That I thought was an improvement from other years where it sort of ended in an anticlimax when no one could make the whole course in some ridiculously low time and you felt like something was missing.

Another cool thing I liked was how it showed a grab, and yes I know they do play on the backstory thing, but the winner mentioned how he was always getting bullied as a kid at school. 

Which just once again goes to show that anyone who was bullied at school would no doubt be doing better than the pricks who did the bullying. 

But even more importantly, hopefully a little kid watching it who may be getting bullied for one reason or whatever can see this guy, and how strong and fit he is now, being able to be successful at something they’re good at.

Hopefully that will inspire that kid when they’re doing it tough.

All in all, the only negative I can find is it is over so quick compared to the other reality shows.

Which I guess says all we need to know in a sad way – it doesn’t rate as well as the bitchy shows.

Anyways, at least we have a short burst of positive nighttime tv to wind down with the kids in front of.



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