Without a shadow of a doubt, I can definitely say that parenting gives you a different set of eyes on things.

And an appreciation for those who have walked the path before you.

I also realise that everything now that my kids do is payback for me being a little sh!t to my parents.

In fact, my mum sent me an sms last week of something she found that I did back when I was 6 or 7 or something when she was cleaning things out.

I’ve included it below so you can have a laugh. The last line sums up why I’m in trouble with my own kids 

So I guess my pay back will be coming double as my kids get older… 

One thing that parenting has taught me though, is how to understand those who have kids better.

Especially when it comes to exercise and compliance.

I get that sometimes the plan doesn’t get followed as originally intended.

Sometimes your kids are up half the night and you barely sleep so getting up at the crack of dawn isn’t exactly happening.

I get that.

Also can understand when sometimes things get cancelled at the last minute.

Just like I’ve had to do when my kids have been sick and I’ve been home looking after them.

It happens.

So I guess that it helps make me better at my job.

Rather then being a naive rookie like I may have been when I first started and didn’t really relate to those clients who had kids and issues at that time.

Take it as a win I guess as it can only help me improve your results and your experience at DPM.



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