Call me biased, but I love a good sports story.

Especially if it involves a team that I go for.

And as a long suffering Parramatta NRL fan I can assure you it’s usually not from that side of the sporting fence.

But I’m talking this time about NBA and the Miami Heat.

And before your eyes glaze over with lack of interest, you might get something out of this underdog story.

If you’re not aware, the NBA finals are currently in the middle of their best of 7 series and Miami were not expected to be there.

They were supposed to lose two series ago according to the experts.

Their opponents are the LA Lakers who have one of the greatest players ever – LeBron James and arguably one of the other top 5 players in the game too right now.

So Miami shouldn’t have really had a shot.

Then in game one they lost two of their best three players to serious injury.

Not ideal for anyone.

Let alone someone who shouldn’t even be there anyways.

But someone forgot to tell them that.

And that’s what I love about them.

They don’t care what anyone else thinks.

They just turn up and do what they’re supposed to do – put in the work and hopefully come out with a win.

Win things went against them in game one they could have had a whinge that well we tried, we lost two of our best players who haven’t played since.

But they didn’t.

They just took it as another obstacle.

And they got a win on Monday.

A brilliant win at that when most people had them getting beat easily.

I was quietly confident they could make a game of it in the last two games.
They lost the second game but I saw some things to take some confidence into the game 3 and they won.

Game 4 is today.

And hopefully they can even up the series with another win.

Regardless of what happens from now on in, hopefully the story of not believing what anyone else says and only worrying about them and what they have to do – and having a sense of belief that they can get the job done – will rub off on you and hopefully inspire you today.

If you’re interested in following along, you’ll find it today on ESPN and go the underdogs!


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