Finally we’ve seen a common sense approach introduced when it comes to the exercise guidelines for physical activity.

You may remember how I’ve always said these guidelines are way too unreasonable for the everyday person.

Especially if they’re currently not doing any activity.

I mean, stating that they should be doing 150 minutes of exercise each week, when they’re doing nothing is hardly going to inspire them to get started.

Especially when they may already be under the pump with their busy life.

Maybe you can relate?

Anyways, if this isn’t you, and 2.5 hours may be easy for you to cross off each week that’s awesome,

but like I said, for someone not doing anything, I can almost understand the ‘why should I bother’ comment.

Now, like I said, there has been some common sense introduced.

This research release is literally hot off the press. It was only released last week in the JAMA – The Journal Of The American Medical Association.

The findings now say that ANY exercise is beneficial.

This is straight from the report:

“New evidence also shows that obtaining health benefits associated with physical activity may be easier than previously thought.

A single episode of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity can improve sleep, reduce anxiety symptoms, improve cognition, reduce blood pressure, and improve insulin sensitivity on the day the activity is performed.

Most of these improvements increase, and additional benefits occur, with the regular performance of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.”

Now that sounds better, and more realistic, don’t you think.

Of course it’s stating the obvious that the more you do, the better it is for you, but I like these offical changes.

And hopefully this will start to get some media coverage and more and more people will think “yeah I can do that”.

It’s nice to see the big organisations can finally move with the times instead of being hung up on that’s the way it is, because that’s what we’ve always done approach.