A bit of initiative never goes astray.

Take the latest move from Qantas to go back to the 90’s and reintroduce mystery flights as a way to stimulate the travel industry.

Not a bad idea I guess seeing as we obviously won’t be going anywhere overseas anytime soon.

So it brings a couple of questions.

The first one, would you pay just shy of $800 for a day trip somewhere interstate? 

Personally I wouldn’t.

If I’m going to go somewhere I’d rather choose my destination and what I do when I get there.

But I can see its appeal for some.

The other question it brings is I’m wondering if there’s anything more I should be bringing to the table as part of our DPM sessions.

You may recall me asking for this type of feedback in the past.

I like to do it every now and then to make sure people are getting what they want.

Even if it’s not for the actual sessions, maybe it could even be something related to these messages each day?

I don’t know.

Whatever you think might work.

I’m not too proud to think I have all the answers.

So if there is something, let me know your idea.


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