Cast your mind back to 1988 and tell me that you didn’t have the Bros tape?Yes

I can admit that I did, but in my defence, I was in primary school and didn’t know any better and it was before I discovered Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses.

And even though I’m still asking When Will I Be Famous? They still keep saying “I can’t answer that”…

So what made me think of Bros?

They had a song on that album called I Quit and it’s an appropriate segue for what I wanted to chat about today.

Have you ever thought that maybe the idea of quitting isn’t always a bad option.

Which makes for an interesting thought if you think about it.

Cause you can turn it around and say that maybe any of these reasons might be a valid reason to quit something:

Is it time to quit taking your body for granted?

Is it time to quit hating your body and come to terms with what you have or what you can do about it?

Is it time to quit excuses?

Is it time to quit doing nothing?

Is it time to stop treating your body like an amusement park (to steal a line from Mrs Costanza) – and no, not in the way she was meaning when she walked in George, more so eating like we’re at an amusement park and getting by on fast food and the like?

Sure that’s fun for a little while, especially at this time of year, but there’s a long term cost to that.

Especially for me. That doesn’t take long to add up on my end.

So is there something that you can quit to start the year?

And if you’re sick of reading these messages every day, maybe it’s even quit from this?

I hope you don’t, as I think you can benefit from what I share, but if we’re not a good fit and you’re sick of hearing from me, then maybe it’s time to quit me?

Either way it’s a valid thought I think for you to have a think about for a hump day morning.

I apologise too if you have Bros songs in your head now too.



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